Frequently Asked Questions


How will you find the right care giver for our loved one?

When a care team coordinator meets with you to set up care plan, we try to send a caregiver that we feel   will meet your love one needs and personality.

Do I pay the caregiver?

No – Stay at Home will pay caregiver. Stay at Home will give you an invoice and you pay us.

Do you accept long-term care insurance?

At this time we only accept private pay.

How are the caregivers screened and trained?

Caregivers first have an extensive background check, criminal background checked, DMV check, personal and professional reference checks as well as verifiable clearance through the California Home care aid registry. We insure they are current on their CPR and First Aid training. All caregivers are trained in in understanding Alzheimer, Dementia. Parkinson, and Diabetes.

What can I expect in a typical day with my caregiver?

It depends on care plan and time of day you ask Stay at Home to send caregiver. Not one client has the same needs or care plan.

Will we have the same caregiver every time?

If you have set days and time yes, unless the caregiver is sick or is unable to make it. If you use Stay at Home care on-call or as needed we can not guarantee the same caregiver. However, we will try our best to send a caregiver that you have already work with and like.

What do I do if I don’t like my caregiver?

You can notify you care manager and we will have a new caregiver out to you.

What happens if our caregiver gets sick or can’t come?

Stay at Home will notify you and we will have a sub caregiver fill in.

Do you offer Pet care?

For additional fee we offer Pet care for the clients pet.

  • Caregiver can walk the pet for a short walk, feed pet.
  • Drop pet to veterinarian appointment.


What do you mean light house work?

It is the responsibility of a great caregiver to clean up after him or herself, to attend to the upkeep of the client’s most immediate space, only attending to the areas that are affected while he or she is on duty. The caregiver is expected to strip and prepare a clean and fresh bed, as well as addressing the client’s closet, doing only the client’s laundry, nightstand and if an accident occur during his or her visit that too is to be addressed (on the floor and or carpet) of immediate area, where the client is at the time. After bathroom duty with clients, spends a few minutes to return items that were removes during shower, and mop up and accidental spills, ect.

The caregivers will only remove the garbage that is within the client’s immediate space, as he or she picks up after him or herself.

The same is true for the bathroom, shower, and tub and kitchen area. The caregivers will wash and pack away only the dishes that were used by them and the client, clean stove top areas, keeping refrigerator clean and free of old foods and clutter, prepare, label and date all cooked meals, bearing in mind, that it is much safer to serve fresh meals at all times.

  • laundry and changing linens
  • errands
  • medication reminders
  • incidental transportation
  • assistance
  • bathing
  • dressing
  • transferring
  • shopping (groceries, clothes, gifts)
  • meal preparation and cleanup
  • monitoring bathing safety
  • supervise dressing and grooming
  • activities to encourage exercise of the body and mind
  • incontinence care
  • assistance with eating
  • mobility


It must be absolutely clear on the first day that, when a family member requests the assistance of a caregiver, the caregiver already knows what his or her duties are and what is expected of them. Caregivers are not housekeepers, and must not be treated as such.

Can the caregiver pick up or drop off clients family and friends?

No, the caregiver can only offer transportation to the client.

Do I sign a contract or keep service for a specified period of time?

Most clients prefer to sign a contract. When you sign a contract, it will be valid for the dates and times of    that contract. We do offer as needed care, with a 4 hour minimum – the rate is higher for this service.

After signing a contract, the Stay at Home office develops an individualized and completely confidential Plan of Care for each client.  The purpose is to document the type of care services needed and when the client would like to initiate care.  Once the client, family members, and local office agrees on the Plan of Care, the office staff will use that information to recommend the Stay at Home Caregiver who will be delivering the service, establish the schedule and agree to the monitoring and communication.

Plans of Care are reviewed with the client and family at least every six months, but may be more frequent based on state regulations.  The review is an important process to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate level of care and is pleased with the Stay at Home care he or she is receiving.

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