About Stay at Home Now Consulting Services


We are a family owned business that has a passion to offer the highest quality care. Stay at Home believes care is about quality not quantity. Owner Kellie Guinto has been a caregiver for many years. Working for an agency, Kellie saw the agency charging high rates but not delivering the highest quality care to the clients, so Kellie decided to become a private caregiver. With so many referrals from former clients, Kellie saw a need for the the quality service she was providing. She started interviewing and training caregivers and referred them out to seniors that needed services. Our goal at Stay at Home care is to make sure that the caregiver and senior work well with each-other and the senior receives care that is promised.

Kellie personally verifies that all care givers are registred with the state,are bounded and have liability insurance,trained through Ipced: http://www.ipced.com/. She also does a thourough investigation of each care giver’s work history.


We base our business on the following Core Values:

  • Treat each of our clients with respect.
  • Bringing quality home services to people in need.
  • Provide services that allow people of all ages to live as independently as possible while thriving in an environment that is familiar and comforting to each client.
  • Allow our clients the opportunity to make choices about their care and services, within the boundaries of safety.
  • Provide care that encompasses compassion and dignity with the focus of bringing quality over quantity.
  • Provide each client with a qualified Personal Attendant who has been appropriately trained and receives on-going in-service education.


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